About UsWe are Tyler and Amy Fisk, husband and wife, and the co-founders of Liquid Courage Flasks

Our e-commerce story starts in 2010 when we were looking for a way to pay cash for Amy's MBA and stumbled upon a stainless steel flask at the grocery store.  We bought two flasks, scrap book paper, and a jar of Mod Podge.  We made a matching bride and groom flask set and launched our shop, Liquid Courage, on Etsy.  Since then the flasks have gone through countless design changes.  The flasks you purchase today are durable, well designed, and printed on high quality vinyl. 

Tyler has an Accounting degree from Tennessee Technological University, and I have a bachelor's degree in Marketing and an MBA in Accounting from TTU as well. Upon graduating, we tried "real, grown-up jobs" - Tyler as a general manager at a greenhouse manufacturing company, and I as a staff accountant for a nationwide manufacturing company. We spent a couple of years working for "the man"...at a desk eight hours a day...fifty weeks a year while still making flasks at night and on the weekends.  Eventually, our Etsy shop got to the point that Amy was able to leave her accounting job to work full time on the flasks.  Less than a year later, Tyler left his corporate job and we dove head first into building the company we have today. 

We created multiple shops over the six years that we were at Etsy.  Little did we know, we ended up working for "the man" again with Etsy, big business, and corporate greed.  Fast forward to 2016, we just went though a nasty breakup with Etsy and we are focusing all of our efforts on our Shopify stores.  We hope that you support our family business and help us put our destiny back into our own hands again.

Tyler and Amy Fisk

About Us