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Upload Your Own Design - Custom Flask

Create your own flask design and upload it here. We print your design on high quality vinyl and wrap it around our six ounce, stainless steel liquor flasks.  Our hip flasks fit perfectly in your pocket or purse to deliver four shots of liquid courage.

Liquid Courage Flasks™ are designed, printed, and applied in Tennessee.  We wish we could say they come stocked full of Tennessee whiskey, but unfortunately the ATF frowns upon bootlegging liquor across state lines.  

All of the designs wrap completely around the liquor flask and overlap in the back.  Each design is professionally printed in house on high quality vinyl and permanently adhered to the flask.  The positioning of the design will vary slightly since each flask is a unique handmade piece and our office celebrates Margarita Monday, Tipsy Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Faded Friday, and all federal holidays.

After purchase:  Our team will send a digital mockup of your custom flask design within 1-2 business days. Please let us know if the proof is what you had in mind or if there need to be any corrections or edits.

Please note we will not ship your custom item until we receive your approval. 

  • 6 oz Flask (4 shots)
  • Flask Dimensions: 3.75" Length, 1.00" Width, 4.50" Height
  • Party, favor, birthday, corporate event, small business, promotional item
  • Wedding, groomsmen, bridesmaids, bachelor party, bachelorette party

Need help with your design?  Just contact us and our design team would be happy to create a custom label for you.